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Operation and Maintenance

Support Shop (India) Private Limited (SSIPL) has emerged as an organised player, with high focus on reducing the OPEX and enhancing the life cycle of equipment there by optimising on the CAPEX. The Key challenge in telecom infra industry being the energy cost which accounts to 60% of the total OPEX cost and this is higher in the rural areas. Only a closely monitored and efficient O&M service provider can control and minimise energy consumption through various measures. The asset health is another major area where an O&M service provider can make a difference and enhance equipment life by ensuring timely equipment maintenance by the OEM service providers.

These are the areas where the Support Shop has a proven track achieving upto 30% reduction in diesel consumption per month for the tower population under our O&M contract. Our systematic energy monitoring systems and on field control measures puts us on the top of performance charts.

In partnership with the TIM SBU team from the Mahindra Powerol, we have been able to differentiate ourselves as an efficient O&M service provider cutting down OPEX to a substantial level, through our service levels standards.

Our O&M services management team has an average experience of 15 years, giving us the edge as an organised player in the industry.

We monitor, evaluate and continually improve our QHSE performance through the definition of operational standards, training programs, assessments and audits. The QHSE is the first parameter for the SBU leadership team.

We take at most care in handling hazardous materials like electronic waste, battery waste, replacement consumable waste like old oil, filter replacements generated during scheduled and break down maintenance of equipment, spill proof fuel transportation, storage and delivery mechanisms.

Our employees are allowed to work on site only if they qualified, trained and certified with strict adherence to specific safety and insulation standards.


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