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Equipment Maintenance

The Support Shop has the infrastructure and expertise to provide full on-site support services including preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance for the base station power equipment including Diesel generator, battery bank & ups and base station cooling Air conditioners. We have more than 1000 sites under our maintenance in partnership with Mahindra Powerol. We were ranked 5th in SME performance across all clusters, all sme service providers in India by Indus for H2 2012.

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance
We can plan, schedule, execute and monitor predetermined work performed as per manufacturer guide lines for Diesel generator, battery bank, ups, PIU panels and Air conditioners attached to telecom towers.  Our aim is in line with the telecom infrastructure companies in preventing the wear and tear, sudden failure or performance quality of the equipment.

Our implementation of best practices in preventive maintenance programs developed, monitored and audited in regular intervals for adherence. We ensure the customer assets are well protected, prolong their useful life of the equipment. Well maintained equipment ensures improved system reliability, decreases cost of replacement, decreases system down time and reduces injury.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified for process. We maintain complete history of the equipment including inspection records, servicing records, replacement frequency data and inspected component frequency with root cause analysis.

We acquire and maintain inventory by category of consumables, scheduled replacement components, least reliable components, critical components and standby inventory on the basis of equipment models in population. This helps us reduce down time on break down events.

Our team of maintenance personnel are well qualified and experienced in handling the category of equipment and nature of service. We have regular scheduled skill assessment and results are used to enrol them into the relevant training program. The training modules include maintains procedure, tools handling, safety, reports quality and handling of used consumables or scheduled replacement parts. We have company owned vehicles to handle logistics and transportation.

We have more than 1000 equipments under our maintenance contract in telecom infrastructure, in partnership with Mahindra Powerol.

Equipment Maintenance

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