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Telecom Infrastructure

The telecom tower business is now an acknowledged industry by itself and is highly capital intensive. The profitability is directly related to tenancy ratio as increase in tenancy means significant addition in revenue for a relatively low cost increment.

The other key factor to ensure significant increase in profitability depends on the maintenance of capital equipment in perfect condition, maximising the asset life cycle and thereby reducing need to enhance CAPEX. The towers spread across cities and remote rural areas, is a big challenge in monitoring and maintaining the assets. The key components in the passive infrastructure include the tower structure, base tower station shelter, power supply, diesel generator, battery bank and Air conditioners.

The biggest operating expense for a telecom infrastructure company is power expense. The source of power is either from grid(electricity board) or a diesel generator. The cost of power from a diesel generator is very high compared to the cost of power from the grid. An observation states telecom infrastructure is the third largest consumer of diesel after the Indian Army and the Indian Railways. The large population of towers in the rural still depends on DG sets for power due to grid power not available at all or is available for a limited time or the quality of grid power is not sufficient.

The Support shop has emerged as a strong player in the telecom infrastructure O&M in Tamilnadu (TN) by partnering with Mahindra Powerol (A M&M group company). Mahindra Powerol is the energy solutions group company of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Mahindra Powerol with national presence, an ambitious and aggressive leadership team driving the company, is a national player in the field of Telecom Industry. Mahindra Powerol diesel generator powers the major population telecom towers in India. We are present in both TIM(Telecom Infrastructure Management) which covers power / energy  management and delivering power uptime and passive assets maintenance, service support including diesel generators, battery bank, Air conditioners and PIU panels in Tamilnadu (TN) & Kerala.

Telecom Infrastructure

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