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Construction Equipments

Mahindra engines originally built for the tractors, are known for best in class fuel efficiency, lowest cost of spares, maintenance and performs best in the rural Indian conditions in comparison to any foreign brands. Mahindra EarthMaster is the first to fit our machines with joysticks, telematics, voice assistant messages, instrument clusters, and Tamil Language compatibility operator interaction system. Mahindra earth master saves over 10% in diesel consumption when compared to any other foreign brands. Mahindra backhoe bucket has 12% more space than competition brands. Mahindra has a new age console which talks to operator for any changes or faults in the equipment to take preventive actions, Mahindra’s operator seat design is three way adjustable with arm rest for more comfort and longer work hours. Mahindra EarthMaster has a Joystick feature instead of manual lever for easy and longer hours of operations. Mahindra Cabin has car like interiors with FM for operators’ pleasure. 

If you see the features, Mahindra has focused in through detail to make sure the owner makes maximum profit by fuel savings, lower cost of spare parts and best work efficiency due to increased depth reach & better dumping reach with the Banana Boom in comparison with any competition brand. On the other side it has all features to make sure the operator has a comfortable work space for longer hours of working without getting tired, two way radio system and timely voice alerts for any faults or fuel and Oil level alerts etc. We also offer attractive buy back / exchange prices for any brand of old machines which are less productive or giving lower margins to existing JCB or CAT owners and arrange very good financing options for monthly EMI re-payments.

Mahindra EarthMaster is available in three variants VX, SX and LX. Customers who wish to have a test, trail or want to know more details can contact us at Support Shop (India) Private Limited, Mahindra Authorized Sales and Service Dealer at

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Construction Equipments

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