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Laptop LCD, LED, Display, Screen Problem

The laptop screen, display LCD or LED problems include, desktop icons either big or small, font size on the desktop icons are too small to read or big, taking too much space on the screen. I switch on my laptop and there is nothing coming up on the display, the screen is blank with no video. My laptop display is not turning on. My laptop, computer display screen has become blurry, the color on the display has problems. The LCD, LED laptop screen has a crack, broken. The display on one side of screen is clear on the other side is dull or shaded.
Many of these problems do not require expensive solution like display, screen replacement. When you get professional laptop service centre like ours, the engineers are experienced, have a methodical approach to service to ensure we let you spend minimal on parts, unlike local service options.

At Professional service centre like ours, The Support Shop, we have a reputation to build and keep; we monitor every service ticket for quality of service to maximize the accuracy of the results. You can reach our laptop repair, service centre in Chennai at +91 95855 99871 or E Mail to We do free pickup and delivery for laptop repair & service in Chennai.

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