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Data Loss in Laptops

Data Loss can be cumbersome that we are not aware of the real risks and how to avoid them. Most common reasons for data loss are the way we save, store and handle our data.

1. Deletion of files accidentally

The top risk of losing data is deleting files or parts of texts without having any backups available. We often lose data simply because we do not have proper workflow procedures and backup strategies. More efficient procedures for saving our work and making backups regularly will definitely save a lot of time for us.

2. Viruses and damaging malware

There are numerous new viruses which attack computers every day. Damages may differ greatly but the majority of viruses affects operational software, misuses Internet connection and damages stored data. There are many different types of viruses and, often, data loss is just a side effect of some larger damage done to your operational system.

 3. Mechanical damages of hard drive

Hard drives of laptops are the most fragile parts; they break down more often than any other device connected to computing. There are a few ways to recover data from faulty hard drives but this service might cost you more and there is no guarantee that even professional service provider can totally recover your important data.

Regular backups really help in case of hardware troubles. Hard disk failures do not mean that data is lost forever if you have the opportunity to take the latest version of your data from safe storage and continue using it after any kind of hardware failures.

 4. Power failures

Power failures affect operation systems or hardware of laptops. Shutting laptop down suddenly without proper shutdown procedures may cause problems with rebooting operation system later. These operation system problems cause chain reaction and your data might not be accessible any more. Sudden changes in voltage may damage many different computer parts. Most problems can be solved by changing power supply unit but there is also a great possibility for damaging other hardware elements of computer.

 Having automatic backups of your work enables you to recover from any accidents caused by power failures.

 5. Theft of computer

It is a real tragedy to lose both computer and data at the same time. Losing computer may be less painful, if you use proper data backup strategy and keep data in safe storage. That way you can recover your data even after you do not have your computer any more.

 6. Spilling liquids

Damages caused by spilling drinks on the laptops have become more often as well.  Liquids cause short circuit of important electronic components and they are really hard to recover afterwards. Hard drives are usually placed in protective case and may be still used after getting a little wet. However, harder soaking makes hard drives inaccessible, too.  Thinking safe and making data backups gives you a complete guarantee that you will not lose data if you sip coffee while working.

7. Fire accidents and explosions

Explosions happen rarely but fire most probably completely destroys both your laptops and data saved on it. The safest practice against fire is to make regular backups and keep them in other (different) locations.

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